English Clients How the system works

How the system works


The authorized packaging company EKO‑KOM operates a nationwide system that provides take back and recovery of packaging waste – in accordance with the Packaging Act. No. 477/2001 Coll..

The EKO‑KOM System is based on the cooperation of industrial enterprises (clients), towns and villages. The system ensures that waste from packaging used by the consumer is sorted out, transported by refuse collecting vehicles, finally sorted  and used as a secondary raw material.


How does it work?

Way of the packaging waste and the pattern of distribution of remuneration in the EKO‑KOM System


The orange arrows

show the path of packaging: Your consumers will buy the product and then will throw packaging into the color container for sorting waste. Collecting companies transports sorted packaging waste to the sorting line, where the waste is further categorized according to the different types of further processing. This modified waste goes to the processors, where recycled products are produced – this way the sorted PET bottles can returnes to you as a new cycling jersey …


Blue arrows

show what remuneration for collective compliance (take back and recovery of packaging waste) are used for: 88% of the costs of non-profit authorized packaging company EKO‑KOM, represents the physical costs of collection and recycling (take-back, sorting and recovery of packaging waste). Another 3% is the cost of education and the promotion of  waste sorting and recovery. Administrative (overhead) costs of the company EKO‑KOM represents only 2%. Costs necessary for the operation of EKO‑KOM, reports of packaging and customer service, reports of waste and municipality service and mandatory audits and inspections, makes a total of 5%. Mandatory contributions to the state annually reaches 2%.


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